Friday, 8 April 2011

Guestbook l Romantic English Style

Decorating the guestbook for my wedding by myself  =)

And.....this is it!

The guestbook corner will be placed at the entrance of the wedding hall.
Dear friends, feel free to jot something and leave your sign. It would be so much appreciated ;)


nad said...


sygnyer i cannot write in your guestbook T__T

(bleh tak email your alamat rumah to me? maybe i can send a speech to you for your wedding or something ^__~)

email tau!

i can hardly believe that you're getting married and i can't be there for the wedding T__T

safwa_khairul said...

nad..terharunye!! T_T

sedeynye..urmm..ok,nnt aku emelkn address ye..
then,tampal ur wish dlm guestbook tu ok ;)

nad said...

safwa i got your alamat already,

insyaAllah kalau sempat nanti tampal la dlm guestbook tu, it's ok.

but when is the wedding, is it on the 22nd of April?

ada aper2 lg brg yg tak ckup?

safwa_khairul said...

nope..the solemnization will be on 30th of April. So far,sumenye ok je =) brg2 pun sume ckup..

nad! thanx again (T_T)