Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wedding Preparation

Another 30 days to go. What's hot is getting hotter!
The wedding preparation progress is almost 85%.
15% yet to be done.
Ye ke? Hurm...

i'm now decorating the 15 dulang of hantaran =) so glad to have an elegant touch! with white and soft pink roses, white beads and white lace. Cantik tak cantik tak? Ahhaaa! ;p

Until that, i hope everything will be fine ;))


nad said...


nanti pas kahwin korg nak letak gambar aper?

sygnyer i cannot go to your wedding..(so sadd)
korang honeymoon la kat australia!

safwa_khairul said...

hi nad!

tringin gak nk g tp tggu la ade duit lbih ckit. apepun,nk pgi korea dlu nad! hehe

so sad that one of my BFF x dpt attend =(
nnt aku upload gmbr kt cni ye nad

h.a.z.a.r.d said...


buh la gamba2 hantaran...tak sabo le nk nengok

safwa_khairul said...

tak suprise la nnt! hehe. ok,tggu next update ye ;)

h.a.z.a.r.d said...